about me

It might sound like cliché; the love of nature was installed in me by my parents who loved nature to the fullest. We as kids tagged along and we shared with them the wonders and beauty of nature. We grew up on a forestry plantation, living the life town kids could only dream of.

My father who was a serious amateur photographer was known for his good photos. I always had a camera of sorts, from a 35mm instamatic, polaroid and later on digital cameras. My love and seriousness for photography only kicked off many years later, in fact during 2010, on one of my many visits to Kruger National Park. At that stage I was on the hunt for the new emerging twenty-two elephant bulls who were and are carrying on with the Magnificent Seven legacy concerning their huge tusks. As I had only seen Duke when he still had both tusks intact and none of the other big tuskers, I made it a mission to find the new emerging bulls. So, on that specific trip during 2010, I came across my very first sighting of a huge tusker some distance off. No matter how I tried, my little digital camera was not up to the task to even give me a photo to record in a photo album. That is where I decided that I needed a proper camera and lens. Today I am well equipped with camera equipment and I am not ashamed of my work as a part time nature and wild life photographer and yes, the big tuskers are still alluding me. I have one big tusker on record and two possibilities. The search is still on, Kruger is a mighty big place with plenty space to hide.

2001 and on I started touring the game reserves in Northern parts of Botswana, 2015 started with foot hikes into Kruger, working in the various National parks and other places where nature was looked after and of course my cameras were in tow.

During 2017 I joined the South African Honorary Rangers and I am currently studying to become a qualified field guide, bearing in mind that I have been around the block when it comes to doing to my thing infield and on foot and some of it in the big five areas, not quite a novice.

People like the well-known photographer Robbie Aspeling who played a huge role in developing my camera skills on the technical side, Anton Wessels who taught me not only to shoot portraits but that your image should also tell a story and Vicki Street who was instrumental in the beginning of my photography career. I am still learning the trade and I also love to share my knowledge with people who start up as photographers.

So here goes, the start to a new venture; African Lens Photography and Safari.

Sales of my images

Photographic Safaris in Southern Africa (Only after it is safe to travel again)